The quality of the teaching activities within the bachelor's and the master's program which are fostered by the Department of Physics is closely monitored by the Students-Professors Joint Committee.

It is composed as follows:

Representatives of the staff members:

  • Guido Montagna (chair),
  • Paolo Perinotti
  • Matteo Cococcioni,
  • Susanna Costanza
  • Mario Carante
  • Franco Marabelli

Representatives of the students:

  • Andrea Franzetti (deputy-chair),
  • Francesco Malaspina,
  • Matteo Loporto
  • Jacopo Braghieri
  • Alessandro Mazzeo
  • Pietro Tullio Franzoni.

Upon request from the central administration, all documents prepared by the committee are available only on the reserved area of the quality assurance webpage of the University.