After the conclusion of the master studies, a physicist can

  • take up employment;
  • become a teacher, taking a suitable training course;
  • hone his skills by enrolling in a PhD programme in any field of the STEM area or in any other graduate school.

After the master studies, our students can be employed in any sector where it is required a deep knowledge of the scientific method as well technical skills proper of physicist and the ability to model complex phenomena.

Job opportunities can be found, for example, in the management of research activities at public or private research centres, as well as in public or private companies involved in the sector of energetics, nanotechnologies, information technology, health care or in the organization of scientific cultural events.

Our staff members can give additional information and advices concerning potential contacts with private or public companies. At the links below, one can find a non-exhaustive list of companies which have hired our former students in the previous years. For further information please conact Pietro Carretta.

The Department of Physics fosters several career guidance events, mainly focused on physicists, such as the following ones:

More information can be found at the website of Alma Laurea: