Specific Requirements

In order to be enrolled in the Master's Degree in Physical Sciences a student must fulfill the following requirements:

  • University Diploma (at least a 3 year long course) or a Bachelor's degree even if obtained under the regulation which predates that of the D.M. 509/1999;
  • Foreign Degree provided that it has been recognized as eligible by the central administration of the University;
  • A suitable knowledge of English (level B2 or higher) or having taken a university course of English worth at least 3CFU;
  • having obtained at least 15 CFU (University Credits) in the scientific sectors MAT/* and at least 60 CFU in the scientific sectors FIS/* (or those connected to them).

Those students who believe to possess an idoneus foreign degre, are kindly invited to contact the Teaching Board to convalidate the eligibility for the admission.

For those students who do not have obtained the minimum number of CFU or for those students who have obtained either a degree according to the regulation valid prior to the D.M.509/1999 or a university diploma, connected to a three years long programme, the curricular requirements are evaluated by an appointed Committee. This can

  1. deny the request for enrollment or,
  2. decree the necessity of supplementing the curriculum obtaining additional CFU in specific scientific sectors. This step has to be completed prior to the evaluation of the level of preparation as mentioned in the requirements, or
  3. admit the student directly to the evaluation of the level of preparation via an interview in front of the admission Committee.

Further infos can be found in the study guidelines of the Master's Degree in Physical Sciences.

All students who wish to enroll in the Master's Degree in Physical Sciences are required to take an admission test.

An exemption from the test is guaranteed to those students who have been awarded with a grade not lower than 92/110

  • a Degree in the class L-30 (Physical Sciences and Technologies, regulation D.M. 270/2004) or
  • a Bachelor's Degree in the Class 25 (Physical Sciences and Technologies, regulation D. M. 509/1999).

These students are allowed to enroll in the Master's Degree programme within the deadline set by the University.

Further information on the admission test can be found at the link:

Conditional Enrollment

All those, not holding a Bachelor's Degree within the 3rd of October 2022, can be conditionally enrolled within such date to the Master's Degree programme, provided that they have passed the admission test.

One should bear in mind that, in order to be admitted to the admission test, one needs to have gathered within the deadline at least 150 University Credits (CFU). 

The enrollment shall become effective if the student has finished her/his bachelor studies with the 31st of March 2023. On the contrary, the student shall lose her/his status and the cost of the revenue stamp shall be refunded.