The Master's Degree in Physical Sciences allows to acquire both a solid knowledge in different branches of modern physics and an high level of flexibility, which are useful for entering into employment in a world with such a fast evolution pace.

A cornerstone in the training path is the master thesis (48 CFU) whose preparation can also be part of an internship in company as an integrated part of the LM+ programme.

Our students do acquire a profile which is highly appealing in many sectors, ranging from infromation and communication technology, to medical diagnostic, photonics, artificial intelligence, high school training, but also finance and the energy sector. In some instances the number of open positions even exceeds that of applicants.

As a consequence, the level of employment is even higher than 90%, three years after the conclusion of the studies. The average time to sign the first employment contract with an Italian company is around 11 months. The Department of Physics fosters several events aimed at guiding our students into emplyoment.

The University of Pavia, thanks to the COR Career Service, fosters several activities aimed at promoting the entry intro employment of our students: help and guidelines to write a curriculum vitae, finding specific professional objectives and looking for related job offers, online recruiting events, virtual career fairs, webinars, workshops and so on and so forth.

To help in the quest of finding suitable job offers, internship or other career opportunities, the University hosts two platforms which are accessible from the user area (access reserved):